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Fiber Optic Cabling

fiber optics

Fiber optic cabling is revolutionizing the telecommunication industry…

Why is Fiber Optic Cabling Better?

  1. It’s cost effective. Fiber optic cabling is made from a thinner wire than traditional copper and as a result is cheaper to produce (and more cost-effective for the client). These smaller wires can be bundled together to create an even higher carrying-capacity for information.
  2. Ease of installation. A major concern for people unfamiliar with fiber optics is that glass is brittle. This concern is unwarranted. Fiber optic cable (glass) is stronger than steel, small and very flexible. While copper is prone to kinks and deformities that degrade the performance permanently, fiber optics are not.
  3. Bandwidth = Speed. There is no comparison, fiber optic cabling has 1,000 times more bandwidth. This is truly evident over great distances. Copper cabling is susceptible to EM (electronic) interference and the further you go the greater the signal loss. Fiber optic cabling is capable of carrying signals for 50 miles or more without any amplification.

HITECH Communications uses fiber optic cabling for new cabling infrastructures and existing. Contact HITECH Communications for your next cabling project.