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Fire & Smoke Detection Systems

HITECH Communications installs advanced detection systems that can move people to safety faster and recognize a hazard sooner to minimize significant loss. With voice activated systems and pinpoint laser technology, you can rest assured that if an incident occurs on your property you’ll have top-of-the-line equipment to detect it quickly.

Alarm Messaging

Advanced fire alarm systems can detect smoke or fire and communicate routes to individuals within a building for a faster and safer exit. Voice activated systems move individuals away from danger by updating messaging based on a hazard’s location.

Detection for Harsh Environments

HITECH offers detection systems for harsh environments where dust and particles may set off a normal alarm. Systems are also available for gas detection.

Laser Technology

For large area applications, laser technology can be used to pinpoint hazards from across the room and trigger an alarm significantly sooner than a standard smoke detector. When smoke detection is critical to your equipment or building invest in intelligent technology to keep your assets safe.

Alarm Monitoring

Most detection systems installed by HITECH offer 24-hour monitoring for faster response time and solutions. See how they can help with Alarm Monitoring