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Security Systems

An integrated surveillance system can help secure your business or personal property from intrusion and damage. HITECH installs top-of-the-line products that not only capture incidences reliably but allow you to identify them quickly. Accessing your data is easy (even with multiple vantage points). Customize an app or control through your network.

Home Security


HITECH partners with and installs innovative systems to provide you with the latest home security solutions on the market today. Control security settings and access data in your home or on your mobile device. Integrate your security with other home electronics like lighting, temperature control and locks. HITECH solutions will provide you with a system that gives you piece of mind and security.

Alarm Monitoring

Most security systems installed by HITECH offer 24-hour monitoring for faster response time and solutions. See how they can help with Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Security

Commercial Security

HITECH installs powerful and discrete surveillance systems for commercial properties. With a walk-through, HITECH can help you identify surveillance areas to keep your business secure. Integrate your security system with other alarms and devices on your property for a single streamlined solution. Data is accessible through your network or on your mobile device.